Home Additions
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Your home is likely one of the largest financial investments you will ever make. Unlike others such as your car, it is capable of increasing in value. If you have found the home in the Clifton, New Jersey area you plan to spend a long period of time in, a home addition is something that can add to the comfort and security you deserve.

A Lifestyle Fit

Everyone is unique, and you and your family have specific needs that are individual to you. In your home, you should have the accommodations you need to be comfortable, and we can help. Whether you need additional rooms to make space for a new addition or want to add a game room in which to enjoy your spare time, we have the tools to perform a quality job that you will be satisfied with.

Increase Resale Value

The day may come when you want to relocate from Clifton, and investing in home additions now can increase your resale value later. Buyers are not attracted to long to-do lists when it comes to purchasing a new home, and you can make yours stand out from the competition when the time comes. In many cases, the addition of a new room can yield a return of almost 100% when you sell, making the investment one you can enjoy now and again if you ever decide to sell.

Because You Want To

Whatever reason for your home remodel, one of the best is that you simply want to. Your home is designed to provide you with comfort from the outside elements, and within its walls you should be comfortable and well-accommodated. Here at Omar Construction, we have the combination of tools and experience you can count on, and we can evaluate your home to offer suggestions to help you make your remodeling experience a success, so pick up the phone today.